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Hubspot Engineering Lead

Christopher Lee

"It's been a wonderful and rewarding experience to work with the scholars. The more they learn, the more their enthusiasm grows, and the more we want to help them explore and learn! "

“VisionVoice Access2Tech has given me an opportunity to meet talented folks from diverse backgrounds who are just starting out their careers in tech. I see this as an opportunity to pass on my experiences and learnings to those who can use it to elevate themselves and, in turn, enrich themselves and the greater tech community with their own successes.”

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Interim 2022

Our Access2TECH Program is designed to support entry-level software engineers to successfully persist through job search to employment as software engineers! We are 100% Virtual & FREE for participants!  

DATES: Saturdays from Jan. 15th - Mar. 26th, 2022

TIME: 10:30AM - 12 Noon ET 

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Our mentors are experienced software engineers (swe) and trained mentors. They are here to guide you into a sustainable and successful career as a software engineer.

Meet & mentor entry level software engineers that are seeking access to their first role in tech. Support them in demystifying the technical interview process, upskilling & being prepared for their first Software Engineering role via our Access2Tech Program.

Partner with us to hire quality, entry-level, Software Engineering talent to diversify your engineering team & accelerate your startup's growth and social impact.

Mentor Entry Level Software Engineers

Hire Quality Entry-Level SWE Talent

VisionVoice, Inc. Mentor

VisionVoice, Inc. Mentor

Flowcode Software Engineer

Sean Ellison-Chen

VisionVoice, Inc. is a virtual community on  a mission to transform and grow communities of people around the world by promoting the importance of diversity through the inclusion of marginalized & underrepresented peoples in ways that are equitable and sustainable over time.


We are committed to supporting & empowering female Black/AfroX students to discover an interest in computer science and develop skills & abilities software engineering as they persist towards careers as software engineers via leveraging the power of our structured mentorship programs®

"I am a full-stack software engineer at a startup called Dealpath — a cloud-based platform that facilitates commercial real estate deal management.  I hope to facilitate the entrance of more developers into this profession..I come from an untraditional background of having studied psychology in my undergraduate years and making the pivot to software development pretty late in the game. Experiencing a major inflection point like this and having had many mentors and peers assist my journey into a tech profession, I am very excited to be given the outlet to help others in this way through VisionVoice, Inc."

DealPath Software Engineer

VisionVoice, Inc. Mentor

Enji Kim

Time Darden

VisionVoice, Inc. Access2Tech Participant

"Access2Tech’s design and structure has been unparalleled so far in offering me the resources and approach to gain efficiency in interview preparation. The one-on-one mentorship provided by an experienced engineer along with the right-sized group creates what I experience as a genuine feel of community from the start. Dessa’s accessible technical presentations and thoughtful investment in building genuine relationships with everyone generates a sustainable spirit of belonging and growth. I am grateful to be included in this experience."

"I am so grateful for the support that the Access2Tech mentorship program has provided me as I prepare for a career change into the world of technology. The clear expectations set by Dessa help's me to stay focused on the bigger picture - getting an entry level job as a Software Engineer! Every week, Sean, my mentor, invests his time guiding me through coding problems and helping me to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to fill in the gaps of my school's curriculum."

VisionVoice, Inc. Access2Tech Participant

Janelia Thompson

"As a VisionVoice mentor, there have been so many uniquely gratifying opportunities for me to not only give back but to reflect on my own goals and experiences. The program has allowed me to use my technical skill to help underrepresented groups interested in software development while building bonds with my mentees under the pillars of humility and perseverance. I look forward each week to our sessions as you can't help but feed off the energy and hunger to learn from both mentees and mentors alike.  As a first-generation American from immigrant parents, I can't help but be a little bit jealous that a program like this didn't exist for me when I was first starting out! "

Barry Lai

VisionVoice, Inc. Mentor

Staff Engineer at Cartera Commerce, A Rakuten Company 


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